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Overnight doula

overnight doula calgary

night doula

night doula calgary

sleep doula

sleep doula calgary

night nanny

newborn nanny

Your mind is foggy, your body is numb, and the feeling of being well rested is a distant memory.

Life with a new baby is precious, but can be exhausting.

Whether you are looking for respite, for the occasional night, or several nights a week, I will provide the support you require for the whole family to achieve a restful night’s sleep.

As an Overnight Doula I focus on protecting sleep for the whole family by caring for your infant through those long night-time hours. Your baby will be fed, or brought to you for feeding, changed, burped,

swaddled and soothed back to sleep, even if that means holding or walking him/her all night. If your baby

is breastfed he/she will be brought to you for nursing and then tended to so you can go immediately

back to sleep. If bottles of expressed milk or formula are provided there will be no need for you to

wake at all through the night.

Calgary Doula

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